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Campo Del Dios is a Southern California 'Hamlet' situated between Rancho Santa Fe & Escondido

Hence our chosen name: Del Dios Brand

Lake Hodges Dam, 8250-9466 Del Dios Hwy, Escondido, California 92029, United States

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About Us

We live off the adage that "Necessity IS the Mother of Invention. So when the current market did not offer an adequate topical healing aide to apply onto Murph's snake-bite caused wounds...We studied up , experimented & made one.

Our background in Zoology & Animal nursing gave us an edge in understanding the parameters of the product(s) we needed to make; Incorporating the criteria of Specific Texture, Melting point, Non-toxicity, Healing, Hydrating & Soothing properties.

Horse Hound 'n Hand Healing Butter is comprised of Premium, Human Grade, Historical & Scientifically supported Naturally Healing ingredients. No artificial additives, No chemicals.

Researching scientific & historical data relating to natural healing ingredients soon defined what was to become the anchor components for a truly effective "Healing Butter". Targeted  study led us to a handful of rare, expensive, result based, tried & true ingredients renown for their benefits in skin care . Two of the most potent & unarguably worthy of note are the Helichrysum Italicum & the Tamanu Oil. Both of these phenomenal, plant based natural health products are ordinarily reserved for the most exclusive purveyors of human formulas...seldom, if ever, included in ordinary Horse & Dog first aid skin products

From the get-go we had a single objective & goal --- To create a Butter To Help Soothe, Hydrate & Promote Rapid Healing on Superficial Skin Wounds & Surface Irritations

Having accomplished precisely that & more; We would now like to share our extraordinary Healing Butter with everyone.

It is proven to be safe for use on the most sensitive skin of Humans, Horse & Hounds.

The breadth of it's benefits are mounting daily as more folks share their stories;-To date Dermatitis, Acne, Eczema, Age spots, Crusty Barnacles, Cracked Heals, Dry Cuticles, Chapped Lips, Raw Paws, "Scratches" on horses, Post surgical Wounds have reportedly all been measurably helped by the consistent use of Horse Hound 'n Hand Healing Butter & accompanying Oil Blends.

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